What Key Elements Should You Inspect During an ADA Compliance Check for Bathrooms

Building a bathroom that checks all ADA requirements in your home or business improves access to your bathroom for you and the elderly and physical relatives/customers. Having an ADA-compliant bathroom is important because that’s where most physically challenged people face major issues.

There are key elements to consider during an ADA-compliance inspection in your bathroom. These key elements help to improve access to your bathroom and increase user safety and security.

What Key Elements Should You Inspect During an ADA Compliance Check for Bathrooms 1

This article will explain some of the important components to consider during ADA-compliance inspection in your bathroom. Read on!

What To Consider When Inspecting An Ada-Compliant Bathroom

An ADA bathroom is usually built to allow free movement of physical aid equipment like walkers and wheelchairs without facing any obstacles. The bathroom is built with different support systems like installing ADA bathroom doors, so that users can use the bathroom conveniently without external help. Let’s consider some of the elements that make your bathroom ADA-compliant during inspection.

  1. Grab Bars

Grab bars are an essential element in an ADA-compliant bathroom. Grab bars are installed to ease the movement of users and reduce the risk of a slip or fall, especially for people with bad physical conditions.

Though these bars are essential for movement, they shouldn’t be installed to restrict movement or affect the presence of other elements in the bathroom. These grab bars should be designed to withstand at least 250 pounds of pressure and should be installed at least 1.5 inches from the wall.

Furthermore, to pass the inspection, there should be flip-down shower benches in the bathroom to aid people who can’t stand for a long period. Users with critical disabilities could even sit on these benches while taking their showers, so it’s an essential element to have in an ADA-compliant bathroom.

  1. Comfort Height Toilet

The height of the toilet is another element to look out for during inspection in an ADA. The toilet shouldn’t be installed at a height of more than two inches higher than the standard height for toilets. The importance of this is so that users with disabilities can use the toilet comfortably without any discomfort.

  1. Lighting

The importance of lighting in an ADA-compliant bathroom cannot be overemphasized. There should be enough lighting in the bathroom to allow for more illumination for people with eyesight problems. Sufficient lighting in the bathroom reduces the risk of slips, falls, or accidents. The lighting in your bathroom must be on check during an ADA-compliant inspection.

  1. Overall Room Design

The space in your bathroom also makes up the important element that must be present in your ADA-compliant bathroom. To pass the inspection, your bathroom should at least have a 60” circumference to allow people on wheelchairs to move conveniently.

  1. Shower Entry and Exit Points

The entrance to your bathroom is just as important as the interior of your bathroom. You must pay detailed attention to the entrance of your bathroom to ensure that there’s sufficient space for movement especially for people using assistive devices like wheelchairs or walkers.

This is when you have to install an ADA bathroom door that will improve access to the bathroom. There should be no obstacles that could restrict movement at the entry point. These considerations qualify you to pass the inspection for your ADA bathroom and ADA restroom door requirements.

What Key Elements Should You Inspect During an ADA Compliance Check for Bathrooms 2


You won’t be passing the inspection on your ADA-compliant bathroom if these key elements are missing. These elements are necessary to improve users’ experience in your bathroom and ensure their safety is guaranteed.

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