Benefits of Using a Custom ADA Knee Clearance Template

If you own a business, then you know the importance of complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ADA compliance is necessary in public spaces and buildings to ensure everyone enjoys easy access including those with disabilities. One major aspect of ADA compliance is knee clearance under elements like sinks, counters and workspaces.

To ensure ADA knee clearance, there’s a standard template you can follow. Using this template comes with numerous benefits, ensuring that the building meets all ADA guidelines and improves user experience for people with disabilities.

This article will explain the benefits of using a custom template for ADA knee clearance. Continue reading to learn more:

Benefits of Using a Custom ADA Knee Clearance Template 1

Advantages of using a custom ADA knee clearance template

  • It ensures complete compliance

The major benefit of using a custom ADA knee clearance template is that it ensures complete compliance with ADA standards. According to these standards, the space under sinks and countertops must be at least 27 inches high, 30 inches wide and 19 inches deep to ensure that wheelchair users can manoeuvre their way easily (confirm this measurement with an ADA tape measure during construction). A custom template helps you include these exact dimensions and measurements in your designs. And this eliminates the chances of non-compliance.

  • It improves the speed of design

A custom ADA knee clearance template makes the design process easy. By having a ready-made guide, you can quickly apply the required measurements without having to refer back to the ADA guidelines. This speed in designing your facility leads to a construction process that’s free of any hassles. The template works as a reliable reference and ensures that all designs meet the standard of the ADA guidelines and regulations.

  • It improves safety and usability

When creating an accessible space, safety and usability should be your top priority. A custom ADA knee clearance template ensures that your designs provide adequate space for wheelchair users to move around freely, comfortably and safely. Proper knee clearance prevents accidents and allows users to move around in your space freely. When you design your space with these considerations in mind, it improves the overall experience of wheelchair users (and those with disabilities) and promotes confidence and independence.

  • It facilitates the renovation process of your facility

Renovating your structure to meet ADA standards can be challenging. However, using a custom ADA knee clearance template ensures the process is smooth and the designs are compliant with ADA standards. It provides a clear plan and framework to provide the necessary adjustments. This helps to make the renovation process more straightforward. This comes in handy especially when your facility requires special modifications to meet ADA accessibility requirements.

Benefits of Using a Custom ADA Knee Clearance Template 2


Using a custom ADA knee clearance template comes in handy when building your business. The ADA guideline covers many aspects, however, a custom template is well-detailed. This means you can get the entire job of making your business ADA-compliant done within a short time.

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