Why Building Codes Are Important for Commercial Construction


Building codes are quite complex and intimidating, but they play a critical role in the construction process. They provide a comprehensive roadmap that protects each occupant’s health and safety by creating and maintaining safe structures. However, the codes are rigorous.  Here are a few reasons why building codes are a vital component in commercial construction. […]

Is Your Home Guilty of These Building Code Violations?


As a homeowner, it’s only natural to want to improve on the basic structure of your home. However, in your excitement to pursue the next DIY home improvement project, you neglect to check whether that project violates your city’s building codes. Building codes ensure safety and consistency for properties, and they are normally only enforced […]

Building Codes and Their Importance to Design and Structure


Designing and constructing buildings and other structures require great precision, care, and understanding of design and spatial awareness. Now, design aesthetics may vary, and building heights and widths may change to accommodate people’s needs. However, one aspect of design and construction rarely ever changes—building codes.  A Brief Glimpse into the Basics of Building Codes To […]

Basic Guide to ICC Certification and How to Get Certified

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The International Code Council (ICC) is a non-profit organization that produces а unified set of national model building codes, known as the I-Codes, used in the construction industry.  These model codes are commonly used throughout the United States and a few overseas locations. The organization is devoted to developing model codes and standards used in […]

Construction 101: The Importance of Having Building Codes

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Putting together construction materials is not enough for making a structure ready for occupancy. As a general rule, all buildings and nonbuilding structures should adhere to building codes.  If you’re not familiar with what building codes are all about, allow us to share our knowledge with you. In this article, we will tackle what building […]

Building Code Discussion Group

The Building Code Discussion Group Building Code Discussion Group is one of the largest professional platforms on the World Wide Web. A platform for building, fire, MPE, accessibility/ADA code discussions and technical opinions. This Building Code Discussion Group has enough forums to cover all the necessary building code topics and disciplines. The Building Code Discussion Group […]

Free Building Code With Online Access

Free Building Code This link provides you searchable online free building code anywhere you have an internet connection for just about all 50 states. This site provides access to 2010 – 2016 building codes based on your jurisdiction. Free Building Code Other building code free resources.