12 Things to Avoid to Pass Your Fire Door Inspection

a fire door is closed securely in a well-lit, unobstructed corridor within a commercial building.

Comprehensive Guide to Fire Door Inspection for Safety Compliance Ensuring the integrity of fire doors is vital for maintaining safety in any building. Regular inspections not only safeguard occupants but also ensure compliance with stringent legal standards. By recognizing critical elements and adhering to a systematic process, you can significantly mitigate risks and enhance protection […]

Maintaining Fire Doors: The Importance of Regular Upkeep

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Fire doors are a physical barrier between a fire and a potentially safe area. They slow down the movement of fire, and they prevent damage. To assure the integrity of fire doors, they should be inspected regularly. If you have installed fire doors in your building, this blog post will shed light on why regular […]

Everything You Must Know about Inspection of Fire Doors

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Fires are a real danger. While the requirements for commercial fire door inspections may not be completely clear, facility managers should not wait to address them.  It is vital that you familiarize yourself with the basics and benefits of adequately inspecting fire doors. Keep reading below. What Is a Fire Door? A fire door is […]

Some Crucial Facts About Fire Doors You Need to Know

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The primary reason for fire doors being installed in buildings is, of course, to save lives and property in the event of a fire. A fire door must perform by slowing the fire’s progress, so care must be taken both when purchasing and installing fire doors. Fire doors can vary significantly in design, from functional […]

What You Should Know About Fire Door Inspections

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Here’s the thing: Maintenance managers assume local fire marshals are responsible for conducting the inspections. On the other hand, most fire marshals state that they don’t have the manpower to handle that task. Additionally, this particular standard was only considered a referenced standard and not written into building codes.  Among the biggest changes that this […]

How the Fire Code Requires You to Maintain Your Fire Doors

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For any building that exists today, passive fire protection is a must-have not only for protecting the property itself but also for the people who dwell in it. Things like fire barriers have played a considerable role in protecting hazardous areas, but for a property to be fully functional, there needs to be one thing: […]

Fire Safety: 5 Easy Tips to Ensure Fire Door Compliance

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Fire doors, as we all know, prevent the spread of fire and smoke within a structure. For this reason, an effective fire protection system must have fire doors as an essential part of the overall layout. The disastrous loss of so many lives in recent years has led to modifications of the standards related to […]

Getting a Fire Door: Here’s What You Need to Know First!

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Building fire doors are necessary for any building that is supposed to be fire safe. These doors are a major part of a passive fire protection system. It is crucial to have a plan for building fire doors in place before you install them. They are made to resist fire for the longest possible time.  […]

What You Need to Know About Fire Door Drop Testing

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In 2019, 16,600 people were injured in fires. 14.8 billion dollars were lost, too. Unfortunately, no matter how modern times may be, fire remains a prevalent problem for both residential and commercial structures.  But isn’t there a way to at least reduce the damages caused by fire, slow it down or stop it from spreading? […]

Preparing Your Family For the Possibility of a Home Fire

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In the event of an emergency, providing your family with safe escape routes and instructions can be a lifesaver. You won’t have much time to respond if a fire breaks out in your home. In less than two minutes, a kid or adult can be overcome by smoke inhalation. Make a fire evacuation plan with […]