Checking ADA Knee Clearance with the ADA Inspection Tool Kit

The ADA Inspection Tool Kit will save you Time and Money.  It was designed for the busy ADA Compliance Professional.  Get yours today.

Are you a builder, Architect, CASP, Inspector or just love ADA Compliance? Have you ever been contracted to perform an ADA accessibility survey of an eleven-story government or a five hundred room apartment complex? If you have you know that ADA Knee Clearance inspections are very time-consuming.

You can get a single ADA Knee Clearance template here if you don't want all the bells and whistles of the ADA Inspection kit.


ADA Inspection Tool Kit



Custom ADA Knee Clearance Template



ADA Knee Clearance Template


While it is not a great time to read the 279 pages of the ADA standards for accessible design, it is an important part of the design and build of new buildings. When an inspector goes to inspect these buildings they too are expected to know the various standards that are found within those pages. However, this can be a lot of work. Measuring everything out by hand can really take a lot of time. This time-consuming task can be done much more quickly with the use of the ADA knee clearance template. Let's take a look at some of the recommendations and how this template can work for you.

The first chapter of the ADA guide will go over how to actually read the guide. This is important so that you fully understand the various symbols. The next chapter will go over what buildings the guidelines cover. Historical buildings and existing buildings might have different considerations than they would if they were being built. This will go over the parking lot instructions, fire alarm systems, and egress situations.

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