Requirements to be a Building Inspector

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There are many career options, and it’s up to you to narrow down what you want to do. Perhaps as a child, you loved playing with toy tractors, or you’re intrigued by that career field. One career you should consider is a commercial building inspector. Building inspectors examine the strength quality and overall security of […]

All Things Inspector: Becoming A Building Inspector, Is It For You?

All Things Inspector

To become a building inspector, you must have the drive to make a difference. You need to follow specific protocols to ensure that the building meets the standards and code specifications. To achieve your certification, there are a few things to consider when building your way to success. Safety is #1 As a building inspector […]

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Building Code Discussion Group

The Building Code Discussion Group Building Code Discussion Group is one of the largest professional platforms on the World Wide Web. A platform for building, fire, MPE, accessibility/ADA code discussions and technical opinions. This Building Code Discussion Group has enough forums to cover all the necessary building code topics and disciplines. The Building Code Discussion Group […]

Free Building Code With Online Access

Free Building Code This link provides you searchable online free building code anywhere you have an internet connection for just about all 50 states. This site provides access to 2010 – 2016 building codes based on your jurisdiction. Free Building Code Other building code free resources.

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