How Far Should A Toilet Be Off Wall For Ada Standards

A good bathroom can be identified when family members can access each fixture conveniently and without stress. According to building codes, there are specific spaces that should be between fixtures and walls. But if you have a disabled family member or relative, you want to remodel your bathroom, then there are additional codes to follow. […]

Where Can You Place The Garbage Can In Ada Restroom

Restrooms are a critical component of any building or home. And users or individuals with disabilities should be allowed to access the restroom conveniently, which is why ADA-compliant restrooms are provided. Providing a restroom with ADA toilet clearance that is accessible to disabled individuals doesn’t have to be a challenge, it only these components below: Many challenges […]

Can Doors Swing Into A Hallway From An Ada Bathroom

In-ward swinging bathroom doors are usually not convenient for persons with disabilities. Disabled persons often find using the bathroom a difficult task even though it seems simple.  The American With Disabilities Act took cognizance of the issues that persons with disabilities have and made a guideline for all public buildings and toilets to ensure they […]

What Makes A Bathroom Ada Compliant

How safe is your bathroom? Is your bathroom dangerous for its users? Your bathroom should be a safe place because it is where you’re most vulnerable and prone to accidents. As such, some materials such as rugs and even water can lead to slips and falls in the bathroom which is why you have to […]

What are the ADA toilet clearance requirements

Toilets and bathrooms must be made accessible for everyone including disabled and handicapped people. ADA requirements are based on the needs of disabled persons. These requirements serve as a guideline when building a bathroom or toilet; there should be enough space in the bathroom so that users with disabilities can use it. Even in toilets, […]

What is clearance for handicapped toilet partitions

Toilets and restrooms can cause serious confusion if it’s not made to be accessible by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Non-compliance with the ADA’s requirements may hinder toilet use by handicapped people or people with injuries. If these requirements are not met, the owners of such properties may incur compliance actions and lawsuits. Some […]

Toilet ADA Clearance

While it might be easy to navigate other parts of the house, the restroom is always a source of concern regarding accessibility for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It would help if you made an in-depth and correct measurement to ensure your building’s restrooms is up to standard for ADA compliance. According to the […]

Everything You Need to Know About ADA


The Americans Disabilities Act or ADA is a law that prohibits discrimination against people living with disabilities. The ADA applies to public accommodations and commercial facilities, as well as private employers, employment agencies, federal agencies, and more. The Americans with Disabilities Act protects people with all types of disabilities. That includes physical and sensory disabilities, […]

A Quick Guide to Compliance Requirements for ADA Signage

handicap sign

Every business that offers services or goods to the public must be accessible. This includes websites for businesses without a physical location. ADA signage is designed to help people with disabilities navigate the physical spaces of a business in which they are seeking products or services. This article will focus on the physical locations of […]

ADA Small Business Compliance: What You Need to Know

open sign for business

Small business owners who supply goods or services to the public must adhere to federal guidelines on discrimination against the disabled, which are commonly referred to as the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA. This can be rather intimidating, especially if you are unfamiliar with ADA. To help you out, we thought it would be […]