What is included in the ADA Inspection Tool Kit

Certain tools must be in an ADA inspection tool kit without fail. These tools are essential in carrying out an ADA inspection. They include a tape measure, a 24-inch smart level for ADA inspections, a door pressure gauge, and a digital camera. This is not a complete list of the tools needed in an ADA inspection tool kit, however, they’re very essential for any interior or exterior ADA compliance evaluation.

This article will explain these tools in detail, focusing on their usefulness and how they’re used. Continue reading to learn more:

What is included in the ADA Inspection Tool Kit 1

Tools for ADA inspection

  • Tape Measure

A Certified Access Specialist inspector goes around with this tape measure. It is used mainly during an evaluation and is used to determine the dimensions of common access elements such as accessible routes, parking, doors, protruding objects, lavatories, toilets, etc. Since these things cannot be verified by guessing, a tape measure is an essential tool in the ADA inspection tool kit.

  • Door Pressure Gauge

This tool is used for different purposes. ADA inspectors use door pressure gauges to measure the force needed to open doors and other operables that require the use of strength such as faucet and dispenser controls. This tool allows them to determine the right pressure needed to operate these controls appropriately.

  • Digital Camera

The use of digital cameras is mainly for documentation. In the absence of a digital camera, Certified Access Specialists can make use of an iPhone camera with good resolution. However, the use of this tool doesn’t rely mainly on the tool itself, it depends on the CAS professionalism because photos of non-accessible features are not good enough if taken from the wrong angle.

  • 24 Inch Smart Level for ADA Inspections

Certified Access Specialists must use a smart level for ground surface measurements; however, they can determine the length of the level used. A 24-inch smart level is mostly used for disability access evaluations because the width of an adult wheelchair is approximately 24 inches. Using a 24-inch smart level that closely matches the width of the wheelchair not only seems like the best choice but it allows an accessibility inspector to measure the local variation of the ground surface slope.

If a longer 48-inch level is used during an inspection, inspectors may miss the non-compliant variations in the ground surface slope that a wheelchair user would experience.

What is included in the ADA Inspection Tool Kit 2

Other Tools Used by a Certified Access Specialist

Certified Access Specialists may use other tools and instruments depending on the application and the type of work. They may use these instruments to determine accurate force and height measurements. These other tools may include calipers and door threshold gauges for legal support. An ADA tools kit must have the right tools to help inspectors provide the best inspection services.


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