How Do I Know If A Toilet Is Ada

ADA means Americans with Disabilities Act and was enacted to protect those with disabilities from discrimination. It is set up to give people with disabilities an equal chance to use the toilet like other normal people. If you own an establishment or organization, you’re expected to have an ADA compliant toilet.

This article will consider some of the ADA toilet requirements that make toilets ADA.

How Do I Know If A Toilet Is Ada

The ADA Toilet

The ADA toilet has certain items that need to be installed for it to pass for an ADA toilet:

  • A raised toilet seat for users to sit comfortably and stand for the physically disabled.
  • Tool-free removable arms which enable flexibility for users.
  • Also, there’s an additional height of 17”-18” over a standard toilet. 
  • An ADA toilet has more space to allow free movement of wheelchairs within the stall.

That’s not all, the measurements of these requirements have to be specific. Some specific measurements and requirements make your toilet ADA compliant.

  • The door to the bathroom stall should stand 5” X 8”.
  • The toilet has to have a clear space of at least 60” diameter to allow for free movement in the toilet. Especially when a person needs to transfer from the wheelchair to the toilet; the space will enable them to swing comfortably around the toilet.
  • In an ADA toilet, a grab bar is installed horizontally on the wall, this grab bar must be at least 42” in length. The grab bar must be 12” from the corner. A second horizontal grab bar behind and above the toilet should be 36” in length. One end shouldn’t be 6” farther from the corner. Both of the grab bars must be installed 33”-36” above the floor.
  • The toilet paper dispenser must be installed above the floor at 18”-48”.
  • The sanitary disposal should be installed at about the same height as the toilet paper dispenser; its measurement should be between 15”-48” above the floor.
  • The centerline of the toilet must be about 16”-18” from the sidewall.
  • The height of the toilet seat should be 17″-19″.

This is why it’s important to hire a professional contractor who has the skill and experience to build an ADA toilet. They will ensure your business or organization meet up with all necessary ADA restroom clearances. They will make sure all measurements are correct and your toilet meets up with the required toilet clearance. You need to get this right the first time otherwise it will cost you more money along the line.

How Do I Know If A Toilet Is Ada 2


As a business owner, if you’re building your business to be accessible to everyone without discrimination against disabled people, you need to be updated about the required measurements to do so.

At All Things Inspector, we help our clients build toilets that are ADA compliant. Allowing ADA toilet clearance in your toilet ensures you’re on the good side of the law and your business is accessible to the whole populace.

Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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