How the Fire Code Requires You to Maintain Your Fire Doors

For any building that exists today, passive fire protection is a must-have not only for protecting the property itself but also for the people who dwell in it. Things like fire barriers have played a considerable role in protecting hazardous areas, but for a property to be fully functional, there needs to be one thing: openings. These openings are required so that people, equipment, and other building systems can run through the entire property. If left unprotected or improperly protected, it could put the building at risk.

So, how do you, as a property owner, ensure that these openings are well-protected in case of a fire? One way is to use fire doors, but even then, proper use of such doors is required.

That being said, here’s how the fire code guides you to keep your fire doors maintained properly:

How the Fire Code Requires You to Maintain Your Fire Doors

Fire doors often come in different shapes and sizes depending on the building they’re being installed in. In any building, it’s important that these doors are well maintained, and inspected annually per NFPA 80.

1. Fire Doors Must Not Be Obstructed

Fire doors are installed in places where there are openings that are unprotected. Fire doors are installed to keep the fire from going from the protected to the unprotected area.

So, can you imagine if there are fire doors in place but items obstruct the doors? With the doors being obstructed, it defeats the purpose of the doors and makes them unusable.

2. Fire Doors Must Be Well Maintained

Fire doors must be maintained in a condition that allows them to function as intended. This means checking for dents, holes, chipped paint, and any other signs of damage.

These problems, left unchecked, can compromise the function of the fire door. This puts the people and the property at unnecessary risk.

3. Fire Doors Must Be Inspected

Fire doors in any building must be inspected at least once a year per NFPA 80. The inspection must be conducted by a properly certified person. Also, the inspection must be documented and brought to the attention of the person who made the inspection.

Without inspection, any hidden problems will be left unaddressed. Inspection is important to ensure the fire doors will be functional when the time comes, keeping the property and people as safe as possible.

4. Fire Doors Must Be Kept Sealed

Fire doors must be closed and sealed before each use. This must be done to ensure that fire doors are properly maintained.

It’s important to remember that fire doors are important not only for the safety of the building but also for the people in it. To ensure the safety of the building and of the people inside, fire doors must be properly maintained and kept in good condition.


Fire doors are important in any building, whether it’s large or small, old or new. It’s necessary that every property owner ensure that fire doors are maintained properly and kept in good condition. This is required from you by fire codes, and to ensure you stay in line with such requirements, you need to play your role. While it may seem like extra work, it is important to ensure your property and people are as safe as possible in case of a fire.

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