Where Can You Place The Garbage Can In Ada Restroom

Restrooms are a critical component of any building or home. And users or individuals with disabilities should be allowed to access the restroom conveniently, which is why ADA-compliant restrooms are provided.

Providing a restroom with ADA toilet clearance that is accessible to disabled individuals doesn’t have to be a challenge, it only these components below:

Where Can You Place The Garbage Can In ADA Restroom
  1. The restroom must be built and designed following the guidelines of the ADA Standards for Accessible Design. When building or renovating a restroom, design professionals should ensure that they follow the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design to the letter. Following the building code is different from following ADA standards. So, facility cleaning managers should ensure that the design professionals adhere to the ADA standards. Also, ensure that the design instructions and details are clearly stated on the design documents and project manuals.
  2. Restrooms must be built by the ADA standards for Accessible Design. Ensure that the professional installers are following every instruction and detail on the design plans. A little mistake can make some equipment in the toilet inaccessible for people with disabilities.
  3. The restroom must be maintained according to the rules and guidelines of the ADA Standard for Accessible Design. Most facility cleaning managers have a hard time maintaining ADA-compliant restrooms which shouldn’t be so.

Many challenges and barriers fall under the ADA regulations which include moveable items such as garbage cans. But making little improvements here and there when handling these items can ensure that the restroom remains ADA compliant. 

To keep up with the ADA regulations, the cleaning staff must ensure that these mobile items are not where adequate floor space is needed. For instance, placing a garbage can under a paper towel dispenser may seem right but it hinders the access of someone who is using a wheelchair or any form of walking assistance.

Where Can You Place The Garbage Can In ADA Restroom2

It is common practice for most toilet facilities to place a garbage can near the exit of the restroom. The reason is so that used toilet paper can be easily disposed of, but the location of the garbage can restrict access to the door. The area near the door needs to have a clear floor space so that people with a walker or wheelchairs can come in and go out of the restroom easily.

Also, apart from moveable items such as garbage cans, items such as paper and soap dispensers should be installed according to the ADA restroom clearances. The installation of these items follows certain requirements; items like dispensers and hand dryers shouldn’t shoot out more than 4 inches off the wall and shouldn’t be more than 80 inches above the floor. This is to ensure that people with disabilities and people using walkers and wheelchairs can access these fixtures easily.

At All Things Inspector, we help our clients design and build toilets with high toilet clearance. Our services are not limited to public buildings, we help private homeowners build ADA-compliant toilets to ensure easy accessibility and convenience for all users (including disabled individuals).

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