Everything You Must Know about Inspection of Fire Doors

Fires are a real danger. While the requirements for commercial fire door inspections may not be completely clear, facility managers should not wait to address them. 

It is vital that you familiarize yourself with the basics and benefits of adequately inspecting fire doors. Keep reading below.

What Is a Fire Door?

A fire door is specifically designed to resist and contain fires. They are not only doors, but rather, doors that have been explicitly designed for fire safety purposes. 

Fire doors usually offer a fire-resistant construction, a self-closing feature, and other means of preventing a fire from spreading and harming people. They also can possess an automatic fire-protection system that can work with other fire protection systems.

Basic Fire Door Elements

Fire doors have a few basic features that you must be familiar with:

  1. Fire doors are designed to contain fires to ensure that they do not spread.
  2. Fire doors complete two-way or three-way containments, which are especially vital if there is a large open space.
  3. Fire doors can be designed with a fire-rated construction.

Requirements of a Fire Door Inspection

There is a vital fire protection requirement for every building owner in the United States. Moreover, you can acquire many benefits from the inspection, including:

  • Helping determine if the fire door is working as it should
  • Ensuring that the fire door is durable and well-maintained
  • Making sure that the door is working in tandem with the fire alarm system
  • Informing the building owner of the risks that accompany a fire door that is not working correctly

Best Practices in Inspecting Fire Doors

Now that you know the essential elements and requirements of a fire door inspection, you can produce an effective and efficient fire door inspection. For instance, the following are fundamental best practices in fire door inspection:

1. Remain Informed with the Fire Code NFPA 80

The fire code is a crucial part of the fire safety inspection. It is the basic principle behind fire safety and fire safety inspections. As you conduct inspections, you should familiarize yourself with the fire code to better understand your jurisdiction’s requirements. Make sure to read it carefully to determine if there are some special provisions for your jurisdiction. 

2. Conduct Fire Door Inspection Thoroughly

To conduct a thorough fire door inspection, you should follow the standard four-part approach. The four-part approach is a general fire safety inspection method applicable to almost any building. Here are the four parts: its location, the kind of door it is, if it has a fire-resistant construction, and how it operates. 

3. Inspect Fire Doors as Part of a Fire Safety Inspection

In addition to performing a fire safety inspection, you should also perform a fire door inspection. The reason is simple: a fire door inspection is a critical part of fire safety.

You should produce a clear set of objectives and a checklist that you can use to perform a thorough fire door inspection. This would include a time limit and a clear set of instructions to follow.

4. Report Your Findings

Your findings from a fire door inspection are important information that can help you improve a facility’s fire safety. To produce an effective report, you must list the following:

  • The date and hour of the inspection
  • The fire door’s location
  • The fire door’s type
  • The fire door’s kind of construction
  • The fire door’s operation
  • The fire door’s safety features
  • The fire door’s condition
  • The fire door’s sealing
  • A certification of the inspection


Fire doors are a critical part of fire safety. Inspecting them often is crucial to ensure that your facility has a safe and efficient fire protection system. Make sure that you check fire doors frequently by following best practices.

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