2021 Has Been Busy Making Customized ADA Inspection Tools – Get yours Today!

Our ADA Knee Clearance Template is more than just helpful in determining the ADA knee and toe clearance needed for someone in a wheelchair to be able to use certain fixtures, it is also customizable. We at All Things Inspector are able to add a business name or website of your choosing, which has a 30 character limit. The pricing for adding a business name as well as a website is an additional $59.99. Another customization we are able to perform is engraving a company logo. As for the pricing of the inclusion of a logo, please send us a digital file of your logo, so we can evaluate how much work the logo file will need to be able to be cut on the CNC. All logo files are not created equal when it comes to cutting them on the CNC. We will get back to you with the price for adding your custom logo to your new ADA template. If you like the price we will move forward by sending you an electronic invoice for the agreed-upon amount. Once payment is received we will make a proof and send it for approval within 72 hours. Once we get a thumbs up that you like your new design we will put it in the queue for manufacturing. For custom orders please allow up to two weeks for shipment. We make sure to get your confirmation and approval before manufacturing and shipping it out to you.




This customization went out to Ron Tov, who has over 25 years of forensic architecture consulting experience. He has been a licensed Architect for more than 25 years and is a certified specialist for accessibility. He specializes in building code, accessibility, and construction defect issues. He reviews construction blueprints and incorporates ADA compliance prior to actual construction. We had the privilege of working with him when he came to us and requested for his ADA Knee Clearance to include an engraving of his website. Once we finished the layout of the engraving, we went ahead and sent him a proof. After we got his go-ahead, we finished putting it together and got it shipped out to him. He emailed us after receiving our ADA Knee Clearance template, saying that he thought it looked good. We loved hearing his feedback and would love to hear yours, so order from us now.







Another customization went out to Jay with 2020 Inspection Solutions.  This time it was a custom logo with his website address.  He is now set up for when he gets his next ADA Inspection and needs to check the ADA knee clearance at sinks. Jay Peters is an Internachi certified Profesional Inspector if you are in Florida and need a home or ADA inspection.

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