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3 Reasons Inspectors Need Crawl Space Creepers

While gathering your inspection kit, the chances are that you never thought of getting a crawl space creeper. You might think it’s an unnecessary money or time investment that should be avoided.

But is it?

Let’s find out!

Do You Need A Crawl Space Creeper?

Short answer: yes!

Crawling through crawl spaces, whether for home or pest inspection, can be uncomfortable. You might even get injured.

On the other hand, using a crawl space creeper for inspection to prevent injuries by limiting contact with harmful objects.

In summary, owning a crawl space creeper — while not a legal requirement — is critical for home or pest inspection. It makes your job easy as an inspector.

Below are the more detailed reasons why you need a crawl space creeper as an inspector.


Getting into crawl spaces for inspection by itself is enough discomfort. Now, add trench crawling on your stomach to the list.

Isn’t that too much stress — especially when the homeowner could decide to pull the plug and not go ahead with your recommendations?

In some cases, the prospect could hire someone else for the job.

In other words, put your comfort first. Don’t inconvenience yourself by crawling on your stomach. Using a crawl space creeper is comfortable. How?

For starters, your stomach will rest on a plate instead of on the floor in the crawl space. As a result, you will avoid injuries.

Lastly, crawl space creepers come with tires for easy and fast movement. With such features, you can move around in the spaces not only comfortably but faster.

Saves Money & Time

Indeed, crawl space creepers cost $350-500 depending on the brand, material, and size. But even at that, they are cost-effective.

If you had trench-crawled, you could get injured and spend twice the cost of a creeper in the hospital. More so, you would only pay for the creeper once.

On the other hand, you’d pay for health bills continuously.

Furthermore — as earlier mentioned —, crawl space creepers come with tires. As a result, you can perform your home & pest inspection faster.

But finishing your job faster doesn’t stop at just saving time. It can help you get the remediation job before the homeowner decides otherwise.

More importantly, finishing your job faster means you can cover more ground while earning more money.


Getting your job done faster and comfortably aside, using a crawl space creeper makes your inspection more professional. It shows the prospects you have the right tools to do the job.

More importantly, having a crawl space creeper will convince a prospect that you have the necessary tools to fix future jobs — remediation and maintenance.

Do You Need To Build A Crawl Space Creeper?


While any inspector can build a crawl space creeper, it’s not worth the time if you don’t plan to produce it commercially. You would probably be busy acquiring clients and fixing dates for inspection.

So, no, you don’t need to build a crawl space creeper from scratch. You can buy one instead!

Don’t know which creeper to buy? Or who to trust?

At All Things Inspector, we can vouch for Crawlspace Ace from www.Crawlspacecreeper.com. It is rigid, comes in different sizes, and is affordable. Work smarter not harder!

BTW, you can get $20 off the “already cheap” creepers with code “allthings20.”

Looking for other products or kits you might need for a successful and stress-free home & pest inspection?

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