What You Need to Know About Fire Door Drop Testing

In 2019, 16,600 people were injured in fires. 14.8 billion dollars were lost, too. Unfortunately, no matter how modern times may be, fire remains a prevalent problem for both residential and commercial structures. 

But isn’t there a way to at least reduce the damages caused by fire, slow it down or stop it from spreading?

In this post, All Things Inspector, your go-to company for fire door inspection tools, shares what you need to know about fire door drop testing:

What Is Fire Door Drop Testing?

Fire door drop testing is an accepted test method used to check the performance of a door in a fire. It determines the capability of a fire door to hold up its function. By putting the fire door through a series of tests, fire door drop testing ensures that the door is capable enough to protect the building’s occupants and the property.

The fire door is tested by dropping it repeatedly at certain heights. The objective of the drop testing is to see whether the fire door remains in place, even if the door has been slightly compromised. The purpose of this is to see whether the door will completely restrict the passage of fire. A door that passes the test is called a “drop-door.”

However, the fire door drop test is not limited to just dropping a door. Other tests may be included in this kind of test. These tests include:

  • Fire Door Drop
  • Fire Door Opening
  • Fire Door Closing
  • Finishing

What Can You Expect from Fire Door Drop Testing?

With the drop testing, you can expect to get a better grasp of the ability of your fire door to resist fire. The test is performed on the fire door in its entirety. The bottom part of the door is subjected to the fire door drop test. 

What Does a Rolling Steel Fire Door Systems Technician Do?

A steel fire door system technician is the person responsible for installing steel fire doors and performing the fire door drop tests. They are responsible for manufacturing and installing the steel fire door system. They also install all of the accessories, such as the hinges, springs, and fasteners. They may also provide maintenance services for the doors and various components of the door.

How Can You Learn More About Fire Door Drop Testing Training?

If you wish to learn more about fire door drop testing or you want to be trained for it, the Institute for Door Dealer Education and Accreditation which is the educational branch of the International Door Association offers a certification class that you might be interested in. There may also be other institutions and organizations that offer training with certification that meets the standard so you might want to check those out, too.


Fire door drop testing is the key to making the most out of fire doors in residential and commercial buildings. If the fire door is strong enough, the building is safer, and homes and businesses are protected against fire-related damages.

Fire door inspection should be done at least once a year. This will ensure that a fire door is performing to its maximum. If you are in the inspection industry, then it’s important to let your clients know of the importance of doing fire door drop testing. Of course, you need to make sure that you have all the tools necessary for a fire door inspection. 

All Things Inspector can provide you with the fire door inspection tools that you need. Contact us today to know more about our products and services!

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