ADA Inspection Tool Kit for construction

ADA inspectors make use of certain tools for construction. These tools are needed to ensure your building is ADA-compliant and meets all ADA requirement and ada knee clearance. While other tools are sometimes used, certain tools must be used during construction for ADA compliance. This article will explain more about these tools. Continue reading to learn more:

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Inspection tools used for construction

  • Tape measure

A tape measure is a tool that an ADA inspector uses during construction. They carry this tool with them at all times, especially during an evaluation. The tape measure is used to verify accurate measurement of common accessible elements such as railing, toilets, lavatories, parking and accessible routes.

  • 24-inch smart level for ADA inspections

Every ADA inspector should use a smart level to measure the ground surface. However, it doesn’t need to be a 24-inch smart level as this can vary from inspector to inspector. The 24-inch smart level is appropriate for disability access evaluations because a typical adult wheelchair has a width of 24 inches. Using a level that has the same width as a wheelchair allows an accessibility inspector to carry out an accurate measurement of the variation of the ground surface slope the same way a wheelchair user will experience it.

If you used a 48-inch level which is longer for ADA inspection, you may miss out on non-compliant variations during evaluation in the ground surface slope.

  • Door Pressure Gauge

ADA inspectors use door pressure gauges for different applications. They are used to measure the right amount of force needed to open doors and other parts that require any amount of strength to operate such as faucet and dispenser controls.

  • Digital Camera

The use of digital cameras or iPhone cameras as the case may be, allows certified ADA inspectors to document their findings. By simply taking pictures of non-accessible features, you can document them for future purposes. Also, these pictures must be taken from the best angles to document accurate measurements. When ground surface findings are being photographed, there should be at least one identifiable feature in the surroundings in the same frame so that clients that locate the subject area easily.

Other Tools Used by a Certified ADA Inspector

An ADA inspector can use any instrument or tools during construction depending on the application and scope of work. The tools will be mainly used to get the accurate measure for height and force. In the past, inspectors have used calipers and door threshold gauges for legal support. No matter what the application is, an experienced ADA inspector will find the right tool and get the job done.

ADA Inspection Tool Kit for construction 2


ADA inspection tool kit for construction mainly includes tools used for taking measurements and collecting data. By using these tools, inspectors can ensure that their construction project meets ADA standards, promoting accessibility to everyone.

Also, staying updated with the latest technologies will facilitate the inspection process during construction and ensure the building is truly accessible to all individuals, including those with disabilities.

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