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The Best Fire Door Inspection Tool to Check Fire Door Assembly Clearance Requirements!!!

If you are a door carpenter, inspector, Fire Marshal, IOR you must acquire the Fire Door Inspection Tool to help you save time and check fire-rated doors with more accuracy.

  • The Fire Door Gap Gauge is an Easy to Use, Pocket-Sized Device that fits on almost any kind of keychain this way you have it when you need it. It functions as a beer bottle opener and a 3″ measuring tape.
  • Created specifically to check clearance demands prior to assessments for Fire Rated Door Assembly by your AHJ.
  • The Fire Door Gauge was made with input from several AHJ’s, Fire Marshall’s tradesmen, and also inspectors.
  • It is Easy to Read
  • Light Enough to Bring Anywhere
  • The Door Gap Gauge is CNC machined out of aluminum to really tight tolerances.
  • The trendy aspect of The Fire Door tool is that it is a multi-use device that brings convenience.
  • Are you a Quality Control, Tradesperson, or Designer that needs to measure that product on the 19th floor? Well, you remain in luck if you have the Fire Door Space Gauge. That very same day you are finishing up your job. The crew chooses to meet at the park as well as have a couple of cold ones. You pull out your Fire Door Gauge and are saved yet again. It is not only made to help save lives but will certainly save you when you at the very least anticipate it. If your time is important you need a Fire Door Gauge.

How to use the Fire Door Inspection Tool.

It can be used with any type of door whether, hollow steel, fire-rated timber, and also lightweight aluminum just to name a few types. Next, find the measurement part of the gauge required to determine your gap. Place the gauge between the door and also the framework. The scale should fit snug in the gap and also have the ability to move conveniently along the whole length of the void. Nonetheless, when examining the door gap at the bottom of the door the scale must not travel through when examining the bottom margin.

Door Gauge Specs

  • It is portable and easy to use with its machined actions to determine the complying with margins 1/8 ″, 3/8 ″, 1/4 ″, 3/8 ″, 1/2 ″ 5/8 ″, and 3/4 ″ for your required door gaps.
  • It also features a material thickness gauge with the capacity to measure the following dimensions 20ga, 16ga, 15ga, 14ga, 1/8 ″, 10ga, 3/16 ″, and 1/4 ″ of sheet products and cord sizes.
  • The coolest component is that it flaunts a beer bottle opener as well as connects to your keychain when you need it one of the most.

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