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We have what you need for your ICC Exam Preparation and ICC Study Guides. The B2 Building Inspector Exam is a test that inspectors, building plan examiner, fire inspector, accessibility inspector, and all building inspectors must take to be qualified for their job.

Are you looking to become a Commercial Building Inspector and grow your career and just don't really know where to start?

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What you will get:

  • 1 hour of my time - I have been in construction since 2001 and a Licensed Comercial Building Inspector B-2 since 2019.  I have worked on some of the largest projects in Northern California over the last 22 years. The portfolio of projects that I have been part of exceeds $1.5 billion dollars.  Having worked in Northern California on such a vast array of projects with some of the most stringent building codes in the US makes me a valuable Mentor/Counselor.
  • 200 question practice test e-mailed to you in a digital PDF.
  • A video of one of my actual building codebooks marked up as a representative sample of what worked for me.
  • A voice recording/slide show of 150 of the IBC's most popular definitions that you can play on your phone or in your car to help you remember them for quick test questions answers.
  • VIP access to All Things Inspector Facebook group where you get to be part of a community of like-minded people that have the same goals in mind.
  • A VIP e-mail address that will be routed to me where you can ask me questions, whether it is code-related, need some additional advice or would like me to take a quick look at your resume.

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The Commercial Building Inspector Exam is not as simple as walking in and answer simple questions about your name, address and what you drive.  It is a test that weeds out those that have not studied and thoroughly prepared to take.  Yes, you are allowed to use your book and the idea is that you know your book.  You may not know all of the answers, but you know where to find the answers at a moment’s notice.  That book has all the answers you just need to know how to quickly find them. We have what you need for your ICC Exam Preparation.

There are many classes that you can take for this.  All the classes are taught somewhat differently according to what the instructor thinks will help.  Remember, everyone learns differently, so finding your learning style and knowing it helps.  Here at All Things Inspector, our founder found this to be important enough to start this website.  You see, he had taken a course at a brick and mortar location with an instructor.  This course was 2 days a week for 6 weeks. During the course, they went over the different questions that could come up on the exam. You were to learn where to find these in the book.  However, it wasn't super useful and did not help him pass the exam the first time.

What the B2 ICC Exam Preparation Consists of:

He then failed that first exam but now understood the multiple question exam and what and how to study.  You see the real exam is 80 multiple choice questions and open book.  Our practice tests here go over the book just like you would have in the exam.

The Best ICC Exam Preparation bundle includes 80 questions that are done online at your convenience but are timed.  So, it is just like taking the actual exam.  During the exam, there is more focus on some areas than on others as laid out on the ICCsafe.org website.  Our practice exams are set up to mimic the real exam so that you get the full experience without the costs involved.  The bundle includes the 80-question practice exam along with 150 of the most pertinent definitions incorporated in a professional voice over video which you can have playing while you commute to work. Ultimately making it the perfect ICC Study Guide.

Things I did that helped

I found during my studies that hearing it over and over again made it natural to answer with the correct answer quickly.  Let's face it, there is a lot of information in that book to absorb and that long commute is eating uptime.  So, combining this made it easier for me to learn while I am literally a captive audience.  We do not have enough time in the day, which makes the commute a perfect time to study.  You can take advantage of the voice-over while you are stuck in your car.

Below shows how the test is laid out into different sections and what percent of those sections are focused on.

  • General Administration - 6%
  • Building Planning 20%
  • Footings and Foundations 8%
  • Floor Construction 8%
  • Wall Construction and Coverings 21%
  • Roof/Ceiling Construction 6%
  • Public Safety and Special Construction 31%

What to expect when you purchase the Best ICC Exam Preparation and Study Guides.

During our tests, we will do a similar spread of questions.  This ensures that you study more in the areas that will be tested more.  Let's face it, you are not required to know this book inside and out but need to find the answers quickly.

I first started out with that brick and mortar 2 days a week, when that failed, I tried to learn it on my own.  However, that was not as easy as I thought and I just did not take enough time studying properly, so I failed the second time I tried to pass the test.

For the third time, I sought out a seasoned professional.  He was a friend in the industry and allowed me to come to his home for the weekend.  During this time, he gave me a practice exam and we went over the book in great detail and he helped me understand highlighting and tabbing, which was a lifesaver. To learn more about highlighting and tabbing your codebook Click Here.

The Four Options

There are 4 options for our studying program.  These options are:

The free, random test of 25 questions that are timed.  This option is free and will give you an idea of what the paid versions are.  Here you will simply go through the check out as if you are paying client and it will set up an account for you. From there you need to login to your account to start the test.  It is instant access and can be done 24/7.

The next step is a bit more intense.  At this step, you will get an 80-question practice exam with a timer to better prepare you for the test. By taking the 80-question practice exam over and over it will help you familiarize yourself with the different sections within the codebook. But, this is entirely up to you.

The third option is the video voice over that will allow you to listen to the different definitions which will really enhance your studying and improve your time.  It does not matter if you get the quiz first and the voiceover second the important thing is that you get them both so you can cover both spectrums of learning.

We have created the bundled package which will allow you to get the entire ICC Study Guide at your fingertips.  Here, you will have both the voice-over and an 80 questions practice test that is all done online.  This test will have a timer and be just like the real thing.  You will be able to take this test until you actually pass.  This is the best value for your money and really helps you get a leg up on this test.  Ensure you have the best skills and are prepared with our bundle package!

How to pass the Commercial Building Inspector Exam.

Passing your IBC Commercial Inspector examination is not magic, but it will require that you can sufficiently navigate through the building codebook specific to the examination that you are taking within the given time frame. As part of your ICC exam preparation, you will want to learn how to navigate your codebook quickly to find the answers.  How you do this may be challenging and costly if you don't pass the first time.

We want to focus our continued discussion on ICC exam preparation specific to passing the IBC Commercial Building Inspector Exam.

Let's talk about a few things that you can do to help you navigate the International Building Code more efficiently? We will provide some affiliates links below that we have put together to help you purchase the items needed to help you along the way if you don't have them already.

  • You need your International Building Codebook.
  • Highlighting your codebook.
    • You most likely will want to highlight your codebook so you can find specific items quickly.  People do this differently, but one example would be to go through the body of all the text and highlight dimensions pink.  That way if you are at a question that is asking for an answer that is asking for a specific dimension. You will hopefully know what chapter and section to navigate to and the pink highlighted dimension will quickly catch your eye and you are off to the next questions.
  • Tabbing the Chapters of your codebook for quick navigation with either Turbo Tabs or Fast Tabs.
    • Whether you use Turbo Tabs or Fast Tabs will come down to personal preference.  They basically do the same thing.  We do however want you to know that both brands are available.
      • TURBO TABS - 2015 INTERNATIONAL BUILDING CODE SOFT COVER book with updated, easy-to-use TURBO TABS. These handy tabs will highlight the most frequently referenced sections of the latest version of the IBC. They have been strategically designed by industry experts so that users can quickly and efficiently access the information they need when they need it.
      • Fast Tabs - User-friendly and up-to-date, these International Building Code Tabs are a great way to organize the IBC 2015. These 48 self-adhesive tabs can reduce the time spent searching to find key information. Tabs are durable and allow for positioning adjustments after being placed on the code paper. Affordable and time-saving, these are a must-have for IBC users.
      • Tab a few key tables for easy reference and the book index from A-Z.
    • They don't make specific tabs to accomplish this so we recommend sticky type tabs.
    • If you use sticky type tabs you will have to make sure that they are adhered to the book by tapping over them or using a little bit of gel super glue.  They have to be non-removable and the proctor may check to make sure that they have adhered to the book sufficiently enough to delaminate the pages.
  • Make sure that you make notes in pen, not pencil.
    • For example, there are some specifics from ACI 318 that you will want to incorporate into your book International Building Codebook or make sure to purchase your ACI 318 as you are allowed to take it with you.
  • Strategic Memorization:
  • Last but not least don't forget to purchase your ICC Study Guides.