2015 IBC Commercial Building Inspector (25) Question Free Practice Exam



GET INSTANT FREE ACCESS to the 2015 International Building Code Practice Exam for 7-days. All Things Inspector has put together a 25 questions online practice exam in hopes that you will appreciate the quality of our test and study material and eventually purchase the full practice test to aid you in preparing to become a Certified Commercial Building Inspector.

Since the 2015 Commercial Building Inspector Online Exam is an 80 questioned timed test and you 3-1/2 hours or 2.6 minutes per question to take the real test we have set this 25 question quiz to be timed as well giving you 2.6 minutes per questions. Note: You will be able to take this free online exam an unlimited amount of times during the 7-day trial period.

Follow these steps if you would like to purchase this quiz:
Step 1: Add it to your cart, View your cart, Proceed to check out and and you will have instant access.
Step 2: You will automatically be taken to your dashboard were you will be able to view and take your quiz from there.


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