Our Mission to Give Back is through Social Media Fundraising opportunities.

All Things Inspector was built around the idea of Social Media Fundraising.  You can support our fundraising mission in two ways:

Using Amazon Affiliate Links – By purchasing products through our Amazon Affiliate links we make a small commision of which we will give 1% to charity.  Throughout our website, we have installed links that will allow you to purchase items from Amazon. For example, this Amazon Affiliate link will take you to Amazon where you can purchase a really cool endoscope inspection camera.

If you need to purchase even your everyday items such as toothpaste swing by www.allthingsinspector.com grab an affiliate link to take you to Amazon and buy your items.  Once you have used our link to get to Amazon any item that you purchase will support the fundraising opportunity.  Please tell your friends and family about this unique social media fundraising opportunity that allows you to contribute without taking cash out of your pocket.

Purchasing Products from our online store – Purchase products from our online store and we will give 1% to charity.

Please make note that we are a small niche website and any exposure that you can help us get by sharing us on social media will help the cause.