Requirements to be a Building Inspector

There are many career options, and it’s up to you to narrow down what you want to do. Perhaps as a child, you loved playing with toy tractors, or you’re intrigued by that career field. One career you should consider is a commercial building inspector. Building inspectors examine the strength quality and overall security of a variety associated with buildings. They make sure that constructions comply with municipal state codes, ordinances, plus zoning regulations. For brand new advancement projects, building inspectors will undoubtedly review the plans to make sure that they meet necessary standards and follow up at the building site as the construction proceeds. If this interests you, read on to learn about the requirements to become a building inspector.

Requirements for Becoming a Building Inspector

What are the requirements to become a building inspector? On our website, we have a link to download study materials for the ICC – B2 Commercial Building Inspector Certification. After you have studied the content, you’re ready to take the exam. Not sure if you want to be a building inspector because you’re concerned about being in all types of weather conditions all day? The majority of building inspectors work full-time, mainly during the week. Inspectors typically use their time between completing evaluations of buildings on site and in a business office setting, where they pull up their conclusive information.

If everything sounds good so far, read on to learn what educational requirements you need to become a building inspector.


Obtain Postsecondary Education

Although building inspectors desire a high school diploma or degree or GED at lowest, some employers prefer prospects who have completed a new postsecondary degree program. Any time considering degree programs, learners should make sure the agenda of a given plan includes drafting, building assessment, construction technology, and residence inspection coursework. Individuals could also pursue a certificate or perhaps associate degree programs inside building inspection technology. Homework for these programs generally includes building codes in addition to ordinances, electrical inspection, supplies of construction and physical principles and inspection.

Get Certification

Each state requires building inspectors to carry certification or licensure. The requirements vary by state, but for our region, you will need the Commercial Building Inspector Certification. Not sure where to start? The following tips will help:

Decide which certification you need to take. For us, it’s called the ICC – B2 Commercial Building Inspector Certification.

Go to our website to download either the free or paid version of the study materials.

Decide whether to take the exam either as a proctored remote online testing or computer-based training (CBT).

You can purchase reference books through the ICC Store. If you’re not sure which books you need, you can search the Exam Catalog on their website.


If you enjoy topics related to construction, or maybe you’re already working in construction and want to go in a different career path, consider a career as a building inspector. You will need the Commercial Building Inspector Certification. To prepare for the certification, you can download the study materials from our website.

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