2015 IBC Commercial Building Inspector Exams Bundle


Take The ICC B-2 Exam Faster - Chapter 2 Definitions

2015 IBC Commercial Building Inspector Practice Exam.



Passing the B2 exam as an inspector can be a real challenge. Sure the test is an open book but the book contains over 400 pages. With this course, we will provide you with a practice test that will be multiple choice just as the real test. This will help you to better understand your book and where to find the answers quickly. The more you practice the better you will be. Remember, this is a timed test. It is meant to challenge you to see if you can find the answers quickly.

To further improve your skills we also bundled this timed practice test with a voice-over. This voice over is a video that you can play in the car to listen to the most common definitions in the book. This will further help you speed through the B2 exam and onto your certification.


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