Great Tools for Great Inspections

Are you a busy inspector or fire marshal, or someone with the need for specialized inspector gear?

All Things Inspector is a great place to go for the equipment and resources that you need. We offer free shipping and help with sales tax. We offer a range of innovative products for helping these professionals to do their jobs more quickly and efficiently. That’s because we have experience with those repetitive parts of an inspection process, and we have been brainstorming how to make your job easier!


We understand the challenges that you have in the field when it’s time to get properties inspected and make sure they are up to industry standards, according to inspection protocols.

That’s why we developed the door gap gauge that helps make this process so much easier. It’s more accurate than a tape measure and allows quick evaluation of fire-rated doors. These small, handy tools are very useful for companies that need to rate doors as part of the overall service.

Our founder was out in the field looking at the need to have a consistent and universal process for evaluating door gaps. That’s how the door gap gauge was born – and we want to bring this and much more functionality to the inspector’s toolkit. That’s why we set up this unique website to help offer these products and techniques and advice to professional inspectors.


Our door gap gauge is small and handy and can fit on a keychain. It has built-in metrics for quickly measuring whether doors meet protocols like NFPA 80, to make sure that doors are set up right to eliminate the kinds of liability that drive the inspection process.

As a professional inspector, you know how important this simple metric is in terms of building evaluation. A door gap is one of the most simple parts of an inspection process – but without the right tools, too many inspectors are left fishing for some way to accurately verify that the door gap matches standards.

Part of the philosophy behind what we offer here at All Things Inspector is just that idea – that something so simple can be so practically solved with such an easy and affordable resource. In other words, detail matters – and detailed inspections can be made worlds more efficient with simple and practical tools!

Take a look at All Things Inspector as we build out our collection of resources for professional inspectors and other career professionals who need to apply their skills and expertise to a high standard. We know that when it comes to proper building evaluation, it’s important to follow the letter of the law and make sure that you have a consistent process. Anything else runs the risk of cutting corners and providing less valuable inspection services. Send us any questions about how these tools can help with a professional inspection.

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