Firestop Special Inspectors Exam Preparation

Firestop Special Inspector Training Videos by FireWise Consultants

How not to install firestoppingBrent Johnson from FireWise Consulting is an expert in the Passive Fire Protection Industry and has put together a training video series to help those seeking to become a certified firestop special inspector.  Brent is an International Firestop Council Member and Premiere Certificate Holder from the IFC.

The Firestop Special Inspector Training Series will focus on helping you become better educated and prepared for the International Firestop Council's Online Exam for Firestop Special Inspectors. The video series will provide a comprehensive review of the key Recommended Reading Literature documents listed on the IFC's website.

The 5 video series is 3 hours and 50 minutes of training material covering the following subjects:

  1. UL Guide Section XHEZ - Through Penetrations 
  2. UL Guide Section XHBN - Fire Rated Joints
  3. ASTM E2174 and E2393 Overview - Firestop Special Inspection
  4. IFC Recommended Firestop Destructive Testing Techniques
  5. Curtain Wall Perimeter Firestopping

Each of the videos are available for $15.00 each or you can buy the entire series for $75.00