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All Things Inspector is written by people in the construction industry for the construction industry. Editorial contributors may include inspectors, structural engineers, fabricators, architects, contractors and product manufacturers to list a few. Our combined voice tells construction success stories as well as important lessons learned, offers practical advice and design tips, discusses innovative ideas and forward-thinking concepts and promotes useful products and technologies—all in an effort to improve and expand designing and building within the confines of the building code. Simply put, All Things Inspector is the voice of and for building code compliance within the construction industry.

We encourage feature articles in the form of practical technical advice, project-related stories and other ideas that are relevant to our readers. Submissions should be 1,000 to 1,500 words in length. The chosen topic should be discussed in terms of how it relates to building code compliance, new emerging technologies, the best tool for the job. Technical articles should offer explanations, discussions or practical “how-to” information. Examples of past articles are available on our blog. All contributions can and will be edited.

We welcome construction shots, finished photography, connection/detail drawings, 3D models, floor plans, and renderings—any visual elements that help tell your story. Images should be 300 dpi or higher and captions and photographer credits are appreciated. Materials should be sent to Merle Parkins at , and we will send you a photo release form to sign and return.

Project articles should attempt to address the following:

Identify the greatest architectural, engineering, fabrication, Quality Control, inspection, and erection challenges for the project. What were the solutions? How were they implemented?

What was the most interesting thing about the project? What made it unique from a building code compliance standpoint? This could range from a signature or first-of-its-kind assembly to an unusually tight job site to a particularly complex or unusual condition.

How did the use of a unique design impact the schedule or improve the constructability of the project?

Who was the team for this project, from the project owner to the special inspection firm?  All Things Inspector celebrates successful construction projects, and we strive to recognize the team.

What is the takeaway for the readers? What can they learn from your article?

If you have a unique article that you would like to see published whether you are a first-year college student, intern, senior principal engineer, inspector or a product manufacture with the newest technology send it to us for a chance to get it published.