4 Ways Using a Door Gap Gauge Can Save You Money

Doors are such a ubiquitous part of everyday life that it’s easy to take them for granted. When you go to a public building, nearly every door you encounter will open effortlessly. This feat is achieved by having rigorous standards for how doors operate. These rules ensure that doors are accessible and as safe as possible. It’s vital for builders and property managers to check the entries in a structure to ensure that it meets ADA standards and additional rules from the local jurisdiction. These checks require time, worker hours, and tools to complete the task. Using a door gap gauge from All Things Inspector can make the process far more efficient and cost-effective. Here are four ways that using a door gap gauge can save you money.

Low-Cost Tool that Designed for Purpose

Checking a door gap is simple, in principle. All you need to do is measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the door. However, most tools aren’t specifically made to measure gaps that small. For example, a tape measure can be used to measure a small gap, but it’s not easy to work with, in these situations. Door gap gauges from All Things Inspector are small and have pre-sized notches to measure standard door gap sizes. All you do is slide it under the door to ensure it reaches the clearance you need. A door gap gauge is also inexpensive since it doesn’t use much material, nor does it require a complicated mechanism.

Save Time on Inspecting Doors

Whether you work in construction or property management, time is money. The time and energy spent measuring doors could be used on something that’s more profitable. Door gap gauges dramatically cut the time needed to measure a gap on a door. These time savings add up when multiplied by all of the doors in a structure. Construction managers and maintenance departments can have their teams measure all of the entries within an hour by handing out a few door gap gauges. All Things Inspector sells door gap gauge packages with multiple units in each so you can save money when buying in bulk.

Prevent Paying Fines for Building Code Violations

Door gaps are an essential part of a building’s fire protection and accessibility. The gap on a door allows air to flow through the building. During a fire, it can be a problem if the gap allows more oxygen to fuel the fire. On the other side of the coin, doors need to be easy to open. Having a minimum gap clearance keeps doors accessible. A door that’s so low to the ground that it’s rubbing the floor would be hard to open for someone with injuries. Local inspectors periodically check doors to make sure they comply. Having a door that fails to meet standards can result in costly fines. Using a door gap gauge from All Things Inspector is an inexpensive and fast way to prevent your building from being fined.

Avoid Incidents that Can Lead to Legal Claims

People often think of regulations and fines as annoyances, but it’s crucial to remember that they exist to prevent injury and harm to the building occupants. If your doors don’t have the proper gap clearance, getting fined isn’t the worst thing that could happen. For example, if doors gaps are too large, it increases the spread of smoke and flames during a fire. If this happens, and someone is injured or dies as a result, the property owner could find themselves liable. Using a door gap gauge to ensure your doors meet fire standards avoids liability issues.

Door gap gauges can help inspectors, building managers, and construction crews save time and money on testing their doors for compliance. Visit the shop at All Things Inspector to get a door gap gauge today.

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