What Every Fire Door Should Encompass Upon Inspection

When you’re running an inspection of an establishment, it’s paramount to have the right understanding of what certain fixtures should be like. After all, some of the alterations you could have pointed out may make one more group of people feel more included or even save an additional life. It’s best for every part of the building to fulfill its duty.

For the fire door, there are plenty of things that it has to encompass. It’s important to check on this part of the building and ensure that it’s still up to par in case of any emergencies that will require its use. Utilize different inspecting tools and take your time in surveying this area. Here are the four main things that every fire door should encompass:

1) They Offer Fire Protection

Fire doors should offer you a pathway that will give refuge to you from the fire. Although that may be the primary way it provides fire protection, fire doors also have a couple of other tricks up their sleeve. For example, its design is pretty much fireproof.

Because of that feature, fire doors are able to keep and contain a fire in the same compartment that it had started in. The way out would be completely safe, as well as other areas of the building. Smoke is more or less held in that same room to keep the air quality within the establishment as safe as possible.

2) They’re Well-Constructed

Fire doors, as implied above, are quite well-constructed. It’s important to inspect the thickness and durability of the door since it should be of higher quality due to the fire resistance that it should offer. There are also certain strips on each edge of the door’s frame and a door closer.

The strip on the edge of the fire door ensures that the room is sealed when the door automatically closes shortly after opening. Both functions should be tested since it’s actual use helps in retaining any heat when evacuation is ensuing. If they aren’t performing well, you should have them repaired and brought into compliance.

3) They’re Accessible

Accessibility is one of the main things that every fire door should offer. Any person within the building at a time of a fire emergency should be able to get out, no matter their ability, height, or any physical characteristic. The escape route should be accessible, even for those with disabilities. The doorway should be wide enough to be inclusive of wheelchair and crutch users evacuating.

In addition to accessibility, visibility has to be well designed. Upon inspection, a fire door should be easy to spot for any average bystander. It should also be available in such a way that the locks or seals won’t give any person a hard time when exiting. Some establishments may paint over this hardware and inhibit its movement in the process, so test it.


Although fire doors may seem like a minor detail, it’s paramount that they’re in top-notch condition at all times. An emergency can occur when you least expect it, and each building should be able to account for those potential emergencies.

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