The Functions of Fire Doors and How They Save Lives

A fire is one of the worst disasters anyone can experience. To avoid such mishaps, people should keep their properties safe from fire. Building owners, for one, need to follow the rules and regulations as noted in the NFPA 80 if adopted by your jurisdiction. 

An Important Feature: The Fire Door

One of the must-haves in every commercial building is a fire door, and this feature has saved many lives. The fire door is different from the regular door because of its fire resistance. It is usually 1-¾” thick and made of a combination of steel, timber, aluminum, gypsum, and other fire-resistant materials. It is designed to stay closed with its wall and floor gaps sealed with fire-resistant sealant. 

A fire door works for two purposes. When it is closed, it acts as a barrier, stopping the fire from spreading. When opened, the door can be a means of escape for people inside. Since the door has the power to prolong the transfer of the fire, more people can find their way out of the building before the fire completely spreads out. 

Essential Features of the Fire Door

When buying and installing a fire door, here are the critical features you need to see on it:

  • On Material: As mentioned earlier, a fire door can be made from different materials. Usually, the door itself is made from quality timber framing and then covered by fire-resistant material. This fire-resistant material can stop the fire from getting through the door and keeps the heat out for 30 to 60 minutes.

  • On Location: Ideally, fire doors should be installed in areas at risk most with fire. If in private areas, that would be the kitchen or the room that contains most electrical devices. You can also ask your property developer which location is best or if your identified site meets the regulatory requirements.

  • On Overall Fire Protection: Besides the fire door, you should also ensure that the escape route, lighting, warning systems, and everything else are functional. In commercial spaces, these are regularly checked by professional inspectors. 


If you have a fire door in place, you need to ensure that it works properly. A quarterly inspection can keep it in good condition and protect the tenants of your building. A professional fire prevention inspector can help you, but it also helps if you have fire door tools to help you secure your home. 

All Things Inspector has some of the essential tools for fire protection. Whether you are working in the inspection industry or want to keep your building safe, we can help you save time and money. We have fire door tools that can minimize your risks and inspection failures. Check them out now!

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