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Why ADA is in place.

ADA is in place to ensure the people with disabilities have the same access to buildings, especially public buildings as any person would have. There are 1000s of people that require the use of a wheelchair to get around. Because of this, there are needs that the ADA guidelines help contractors meet so those people can use the facilities that everyone else uses. They will lay out how to build appropriately. There are certain dimensions that you will need to follow in order for everyone to be able to use a sink for example.

When in a wheelchair people will have to wheel up to the sink, they will need a certain clearance for their knees, in order to be able to use the sink properly. With this template, you can easily check the tolerances without having to bust out a tape measure. This can make inspections go so much more quickly. Everything is measured out for you. You will also need to check the toe space, which is another requirement in the ADA specifications. ADA knee and toe clearance is another spec that needs to be fully followed.

Spot a non complaince with the ADA Knee Clerance TemplateDon’t forget the facets.
A person in a wheelchair needs to be able to reach the facets as well. This is a step that can be a little tricky for contractors. However, there are sink setups out there that will move the facet controls to the side of the sink or the front for ease of access by people that are seated. This also needs to work for people that are not in wheelchairs.

The idea behind the ADA standards is to make places accessible for everyone. People that have a disability shouldn’t have a hard time getting around and navigating their environment. However, it is also meant to allow people that don’t have a disability to navigate as well. It is important that the standards are kept to keep everyone comfortable.

Typically the ADA standards start at the drawings. The architect will know these standards inside and out. They will incorporate these standards into the drawings but it is up to the contractors to follow those drawings. When the construction project is really large, some ADA standards can be easily missed. This is why there are inspections to ensure that everything is done as it should be. While we would hope that everything was built to the plans, it is easy to get off somewhere, especially something as simple as putting the mirrors up. The mirrors are to be low enough for everyone to be able to use them.

Be sure your designer understands ADA too.

This decor may be put up after the building is done by an interior designer. Because of this, they might not know about the ADA guidelines. This area is important that the building and the designer work together and everyone understands what is expected. The final look will, of course, come from the inspector that will double-check everything to be sure that the building is, in fact, ready to open.

While All Things Inspector does offer these amazing knee and overall restroom templates, there are also other products that help inspectors do their jobs quickly but with accuracy. We understand that inspecting buildings is a very important job. When the buildings have proper inspections there is less likely of something to go wrong. Building inspections can often be overlooked. When this happens, repairs can interfere with the building’s code and violations can occur without the owner even knowing. That’s why it is important to have a building inspected every few years to ensure that it is safe for everyone.

Examples of what could go wrong without proper building inspections.

There have been multiple fires around the country that have killed people that could have been avoided. Maintenance on the doors has held the door open when it should have shut. If the door would have shut those inside could have been saved. However, nobody in charge was aware that the door didn’t shut. This is why it is important to have your building inspected, along with a number of reasons.

Fire door inspections are getting less important to officials. However, a good inspection could reveal that the doors are outdated or the stairwells need a firewall installed. While it might not be required, having it done on your building from time to time isn’t a bad idea. Be sure that your fire equipment is working properly and up to date as well. Fires can occur at any time and having the right equipment in place can save both the building and lives.

If you are an inspector and want to find ways to inspect faster, All Things Inspector is a great source of tools and knowledge. Take the time to look around and we are certain that you will find something you need to get your inspections done quickly and accurately.


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